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Welcome to the official site of the Michigan Oral History Association (MOHA).  The mission of MOHA is to provide for effective cooperation and communication among persons, programs and institutions concerned with the advancement of oral history practices in Michigan.

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Geneva Kebler Wiskemann
5580 West State Road
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MOHA Forum: What's Happening in Oral History in the State of Michigan?

​The Michigan Oral History Association will be hosting a forum on recent projects and activities in Oral History from around the state. There will be both official reports from MOHA members as well as an open discussion. The Forum is free and a box lunch will be included, though participants are asked to register by November 4th.

To register, email or Click Here.

MOHA Board Forms Revitalization Committee:

The MOHA board of directors approved the formation of a
revitalization committee that will examine and propose new approaches for managing and sustaining the organization.

The goal is to make improvements toward more effective and efficient operations that best serve its members and the 
ongoing advancement of oral history.

A set of recommendations will be provided for board review
with the ultimate goal to establish a strategic plan that
 outlines the priorities, changes, and best practices for
operating a healthier organization in the 21st century.

5580 West State Road
Lansing, MI 48906-9325 
phone: 517.321.1746

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